Answered: Top 4 VIP Day Questions

Brand design, websites, business and life coaching, event planning, and more. VIP Days are offered by consultants in almost every industry. So, I put together a list of the 4 most common questions I hear about VIP Days.

1. “What is a VIP Day?”

It varies by industry and consultant, but generally, it’s a 6 – 8 hour day laser-focused on your project(s). It typically goes something like this:

1. Intro call – Consultant and client discuss the client’s needs to decide if a VIP Day is the best route.

2. Strategy session – a 60-90 minute call where the consultant outlines the work to be completed, sets expectations, and determines the assets (passwords, logos, brand guide, etc.) needed from the client to complete the work effectively.

3. VIP Day – The consultant focuses on the project list. In some cases, the consultant and client work closely together throughout the day. In others, the client simply remains available for the day by phone and email for feedback or approvals. The result is the client’s completed project and documents sent by the end of the day or within 24 hours.

4. Follow-up call – Most consultants provide a follow-up call within a week to discuss the project and close out the process. Others offer additional coaching depending on their services.

2. “Can’t I just tackle this myself?”

Really, the answer to this question lies with you. In my last blog post, I mentioned that many of my clients come to me after having tried completing their creative projects on their own, realizing they don’t have the time, skill, software, or patience for it. I also explained my own story of trying to run the administrative side of my business for 2 years until finally admitting (I can be pretty stubborn) I needed an expert’s help to get me on track.

I suggest you list the things you want/need to do for your business that are not your area of expertise. Now ask yourself, “Do I really have the…

  • Time
  • Skills
  • Patience
  • Software/Resources

…to do it properly? And a bonus question:

✧ Do I have a strong understanding of the subject matter?

In the case of your creative work, this means a solid understanding of how design, words, colors, and images can guide your audience to connect with your brand.

If you can’t answer yes, it may be time to speak with an expert.

3. “Is it expensive?”

Great question. And the last thing I want to do is come off as one of those vague “salesy” types (I was in sales for 2 years – I was not good at it). But the reality is that it’s all relative to what you value, and it comes down to your budget and what you feel is worth investing in.

4. “What can you actually get done in a day?”

Again, this varies by the consultant. In the case of Uhlsee, projects like flyers, postcards, business cards, and content updates (web or print). If you’re considering any kind of VIP Day, I’d suggest not just relying on the list on the consultant’s site. Most provide a 15-30 minute consultation to see if your needs can be met in one VIP Day (or half day).

Do you have any questions to add? Experiences with a VIP Day you’d be open to sharing? I’d love to hear about them and possibly highlight your consultant in another blog post.

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