“Why Are Websites So Expensive?”

Most of us in the design biz have heard this question in one setting or another, and that’s understandable. Most small business owners I talk to don’t realize how much magic happens behind the scenes.

Here’s the thing:

Your website is an essential part of your company identity, and the word “expensive” is a relative term. So, to put things into perspective, let’s talk about what goes into creating a successful website:

Most of us begin by asking you to complete an in-depth questionnaire to learn the basics of your business and needs. It takes time to review your responses, then have a deeper conversation to understand your business, branding, and website goals. This is followed by research on your marketplace, competitors, and audience to complete the picture.

This is the foundation of your website. Using the info gathered from research and conversations with you, we write with your audience in mind. Page by page, we carefully craft content that speaks directly to your audience, not at them.

Some designers provide a set number of revisions, while others offer unlimited (but within reason). Typically, you’ll receive the first page of content to review, then make edits and adjust accordingly. There may be a phone call or two in there to clarify ideas. Wash, rinse, and repeat with each page.

After brainstorming and mock-ups, the design begins around the content created. This involves things like selecting images to fit your brand style, strategically designing and positioning each piece of content and page section, and deciding how to use your color palette to support the design (and much more).

REVISIONS (yes, again)
We send the initial design to you for feedback and, most likely, a conversation to clarify and discuss before making edits. Again, different designers offer various numbers of revisions before moving on to completing the entire site design.

Getting it right means trusting your designer and not rushing it. Conversations, research, brainstorming, emails, writing, designing, and revisions. It all takes, you guessed it: time!

Here’s the most critical piece. Many people and platforms try to convince you that creating your site is easy. Well, there is some truth to that. If you’re looking for simple plug-and-play with no customization, it can seem “easy.” But, what most need to consider is the experience it takes to get the content right and the learning curve for each platform, all of which take a hefty amount of time away from running your business. A truly effective and unique website requires someone who can make the right connections between your brand and the design, content, and user experience. You need someone who can help you craft an experience that speaks directly to your audience in a way that resonates with them on an emotional level.

Your website is an essential part of your company identity.
You don’t want to slap a product together and hope for the best—you want to make sure your site is built with care and attention to detail so it’s a true reflection of you and that it ages gracefully as trends and technology evolve.

If you’re thinking of updating or building your website, let’s chat!

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