8 Tips for Creating Your Social Media Presence

Confession: I’m not a fan of social media. :astonished:

As a brand designer, you might think I’m all about creating a social media presence. But the truth is, even I can feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin with my own social accounts. That’s why I’m thrilled to have Toni Plumb, a Social Media Strategist and trusted friend (see her bio below), share 8 simple tips to help you create a social media presence that reflects your brand.

1. Content Strategy: This means planning out what you want to say and who you want to say it to. It helps you make sure you’re creating content that your audience will find useful and engaging.

2. Style Guide: Think of this as a “rulebook” for your brand’s visual style. It includes things like fonts, color schemes, and logo usage. It helps make sure your social media posts, website, and other content look consistent and professional.

3. Content Categories: This is about grouping your content into different topics. It helps make sure you’re covering a range of subjects and not just repeating the same thing over and over.

4. Templates for Graphics: A template is like a “skeleton” for your graphic design. It gives you a starting point and helps make sure everything looks consistent and on-brand.

5. Content Calendar: This is just a fancy way of saying a schedule for when you’re going to post your content. It helps you stay organized and consistent, which alleviates a lot of the stress and frustration that can come with scrambling to brainstorm and create posts each week.

6. Block Your Time: This means setting aside specific times for certain tasks. It helps you stay focused and avoid distractions.

7. Batch Your Tasks: This means doing similar tasks together in a “batch” rather than switching back and forth between different types of tasks. It helps you be more efficient and get more done.

8. Day Theming: This is a fun way to organize your schedule, where you focus on a different theme or type of task each day of the week. It helps keep things interesting and makes sure you’re tackling everything you need to.

Toni Plumb, Social Media Strategist

Toni Plumb is a digital marketer and the founder of Plumb Agency, headquartered in Cincinnati, OH. She is a rockstar in the digital media world, known for crafting successful marketing strategies and plans that help small businesses attract new customers and clients. Toni combines her experience, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas to leverage various digital channels to boost online presence and drive growth in a crowded marketplace.
As an entrepreneur and natural relationship builder, she is focused on the relationships she builds with peers, clients, and teams, partnering with each to strengthen efforts towards reaching their goals.

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