Small Business Spotlight: Backwoods Campground

If you know me, you know I’m picky about where I stay when I travel – even when camping. So, when we planned our dirt bike trip to West Virginia, I had reservations about what to expect from Backwoods Campground & RV Park in Delbarton. It’s easy to drive by this unassuming little campground without giving it a second glance or opting for a larger, more well-known one. But, once we stayed there, we quickly realized what makes this small business a hidden gem.


The staff are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. We’re always greeted with genuine smiles and conversation, catching up on the latest since our last visit. Jen, in particular, makes sure we have everything we need and does all she can to accommodate guests’ specific requests (within reason, of course 😉). Last year, we mentioned we liked the t-shirts in their gift shop but noted that it would be great to have cozy hoodies to keep us warm during those chilly nights around the fire. When we walked into the office on our next trip, a rack of Backwoods Camping hoodies was waiting for us (yep, I stocked up)! And as regulars, Jen remembers our favorite cabin and makes sure it’s reserved for us each time. It’s this exceptional attention to customers that sets Backwoods Campground apart.

You can see they genuinely care about their guests’ experiences because the campground is always well-kept and provides free firewood and firepits to gather ‘round while we all catch up and laugh at crazy riding stories from the trails that day. And just because you’re on a campground in the mountains, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little comfort. The cabins are especially cozy, with amenities and charming little touches (for picky people like me) that show they put some heart into them. And did I mention each cabin now has a hot tub?

They made a smart business move by choosing property at the base of the mountains. A two-minute ride up the road, and we can hop on the legendary Hatfield/McCoy trail system. It’s another reason our crew goes back regularly for epic dirt biking and side-by-siding adventures with incredible views at the top. But this place isn’t just for thrill-seekers on wheels. The area is ideal for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and history buffs alike.

It’s not just an afterthought for Backwoods Campground; it’s at the core of their values. Income generated by the business goes directly towards supporting a local drug rehab organization that plays a crucial role for area residents. It’s heartwarming to see a small business that genuinely cares about the people around them and actively works towards making a positive impact.

I can appreciate and enjoy supporting Backwoods Campground & RV Park because it exemplifies many of the qualities that a small business should embody. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a cozy place to stay, and supporting a small business, “Come Get Lost” at Backwoods Campground & RV Park in Delbarton, WV and let me know what you think!