How do I explain my business when there's no time for a conversation?

How do I get more people to notice my business?

I’d like to respond to initial business inquiries without writing the same email every time.

How do I stay top-of-mind without drowning prospects in emails/calls?

Business cards are nice, but that doesn't highlight who I am and what I offer.

Any of these sound familiar?

I need a versatile marketing piece to use in various settings.







Sara’s branding and marketing insights were 1st CLASS!
Couldn't be happier with the final product. Sara is awesome!

Deirdre Murphy, MBA, CPPS | Owner, Meridian Healthcare Consulting LLC

It's a                                      
                                designed to beautifully showcase your business message - a quick hit to compel your ideal client to want to learn more.

 It's a                                                                                   designed
to beautifully showcase your business message - a quick hit meant
to compel your ideal client to want to learn more.

one-page, tailored

one-page, tailored marketing piece 

yep, i need one

The Professional Spotlight


for the small business owner, soloprenuer, consultant, speaker, trainer, coach

 marketing piece 

What can you do with your professional spotlight  ?

give them to colleagues at round tables, local chambers, and other groups you're part of
post on your linkedin page
leave behind after meeting with a prospect
mail it with a thank you card after meeting with a prospect
send it in response to initial inquries about your business
ask clients to send it to referrals

I'm ready to stand out


Here are a few ideas…

Once we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll have a 60-minute discovery call where I get to learn more about you, your business, your goals, and review the documents and info you already have.


How it works...



I’ll get to work creating content and the design for your Spotlight. But, don’t worry, I know you’re the expert in your field, so we’ll talk through each draft of your Spotlight to get it to the final stage.

The final result is a branded, captivating Professional Spotlight   that grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression.




Let's get started


My narrative really comes through my Spotlight and I've received more business and more credibility because of it!

Annette Rizzo | Organizational Development Consultant at TRizzo Consulting

+ 60-minute Discovery call
+ Up to two 45-minute revision calls (if applicable)
+ Up to 3 rounds of revisions
+ PDF version of completed Spotlight
+ And, I get that sometimes things change* (a new certification, skill, client, product/service...) and you don't have the software to update your Spotlight. So, I'll also provide one additional round of minor edits to be used at a later time.

*If you think you'll need to make frequent changes, we can discuss a plan to meet your needs.

Professional Spotlight


Let's do it!


+ Matching, editable one-page doc (think letterhead, proposal, team bios)
+ business card

add-on services

You've clearly outlined your business processes and service/product offerings. 

You're looking for a way to stand out among competitors and leave an impression with prospects.

Now is a good time if...

Is a Professional Spotlight  for you?

it may not be time yet if...

You're still trying to nail down the specifics of your business.

You’re not truly ready to put your trust in a professional to walk you through the process.

You're still piecing together what your business will offer or how you will provide those products/services.


You want something that quickly but beautifully communicates who you are and what you do.

You're an owner/leader that requires me to channel projects/approvals through your team or superiors rather than working directly with you.

Yep, it's for me

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Your brand is clearly defined.

A few examples...

See one you like? Let me know!

Let's work together