Want it done right? Do it yourself….Right?

As the saying goes, If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, right?

Hmm…hold on a sec.

Ready for the obligatory statistic?

A 2022 study by Forbes found that 42% of small business owners said they have experienced burnout in the past month. Why? “Small business owners are especially prone to burnout because often they wear many hats and find themselves working late into the night.”

Why am I telling you something you already know?

Well, my branding and design work focuses on small businesses and job seekers. They all have a love for what they do, and they’re darn good at it. But they hired me because they realized they didn’t have the time or software (ever tried creating a flyer in Word? It’s maddening) to take on their creative projects. Or they’ve tried and realized those DIY flyers, brand strategies, content updates, or business cards aren’t gonna cut it anymore.

And here’s the kicker.

For two years, I praised my clients for outsourcing these creative projects to someone with branding and design expertise. And then I finally realized (okay, admitted) that I wasn’t practicing what I preached! I can design a beautiful brand or website, develop a strong brand strategy, and create stunning flyers and Professional Spotlights all day. But on the business side of things, I was drowning.

Are you as stubborn as I am?

Look, I’m one of those right-brained, “free-spirited,” stubborn creatives. I have a million ideas in my head, competing with task lists, grocery lists, appointments, and client projects. My desk was covered in post-it notes (organized chaos, am I right?), and let’s just say numbers and spreadsheets are not my friends. And this was keeping my business from flourishing.

Until I opened the door

By chance, I connected with a business mentor doing market research on small business creatives like myself. Our conversation began with her asking me questions about my business challenges. By the end, I felt like she had read my mind. She understood my business challenges more than other mentors because she has a background in branding and design. So, I decided to practice what I preach and hired her. I’m SO glad I did!!

Opening the door for an expert to mentor me in those areas changed my business.

Cliff’s notes: My desk is no longer covered in post-it notes, and I have solid processes and a clear direction for Uhlsee.

The moral of this story.

The saying, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself, is misleading. Many of us business owners are strong-willed and determined, but there are times to admit that we can’t be everything for everyone, including our own businesses.

Here’s a question for you.

What tasks/projects outside your skillset would you outsource right now, and what would you do with that extra time?

P.S. I’m offering a new service called VIP Days!

You get a full day of my focus and branding/design expertise to complete your creative projects in one day. Scheduling for January and beyond opens Monday, December 12th, with only 2 slots open per month.

To learn more about Uhlsee VIP Days, click here.

Or email me at sara@uhlsee.com, and we can schedule time to chat. I love catching up with you all and seeing how you’re doing!